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  Electroless Silver Plating - using Silver Chloride, Salt and Cream of Tartar

Preparing the Electroless Silver Plating Powder

Prepare a powder using the following proportions: (by weight)
   1 gram Silver Chloride - (We sell Silver Chloride if you need some)
   2 grams Cream of Tartar - (Common Compound used in baking)
   3 grams Sodium Chloride - (NaCl, Ordinary table salt)

Grind the Silver Chloride and Table Salt into a fine powder, using a mortar and pestle.
Combine all three ingredients.
They can be stored indefinately (if stored in a dark place).
This will make enough to plate about 37 square inches of metal surface.

Using the Powder

   1 - Polish and Clean the metal surface you wish to plate.
         Water will cling to the entire metal surface when it is clean enough.
   2 - Pour a generous amount of powder on the metal surface you wish to plate.
   3 - Moisten a paper towel or soft cloth, and use it to rub the powder onto the metal.

Pour some powder on the object
Pour some powder onto the clean metal you wish to plate.

Rub with a Paper Towel or Soft Cloth
Rub with a wet Paper Towel or Soft Cloth.

Pour some powder on the object
This is what it will look like in about a minute.
Rinse off your excess powder and gently polish the silver.

NOTE: The powder works beter after it has been ground into a fine powder.
NOTE: Your base metal must be absolutely 'chemically' clean.
NOTE: A good cleaning solution is Automatic Dishwasher Detergent and Water.
NOTE: This method produces a very thin silver plating. Heavy Polishing will remove the plating.
NOTE: This will plate to Copper, Brass, Zinc, Tin, Aluminum and (a little - to Stainless Steel).
NOTE: If you want shiny Silver Plating, then you must first polish your base metal.

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